Story of Learning

1. Review your goals from your Google Website.
- write about how well you have done so far on these goals. Remember to use specific examples.
- if you have completed goals then discuss what new goals you have for the rest of the year.
- if you have not completed some of the goals, discuss what you will do for the remaining part of grade 5 to complete these.
- come up with one more goal to help you transition to grade 6.

I feel that I have improved in my writing by a lot because of my word choice and not getting to off on subject. Like if I was writing about myself, I wouldn't just start talking about my brother. That is what I don't do anymore because I have read lots of books by really good writers so I can see how to stay an the right track and go all the way through with my story. I haven't improved to much on my reading because I still think that I am only reading thirty minutes and as soon as the minute changes from say 7:29 to 7:30 I'm like " I am done!". Then there are other times were I really get into a book and I just keep going until someone says " You know you have been reading for an hour or two,". Math is really something I need to work on. I sometimes keep trying till I get it right, but then other times I just can't get it so I mite just give up and never go back until the liast minute with my parents but then I could feel better that I know I did a good job so I can get how to do it next time.

The one goal that I feel good about having it completed is my writing goal. So now my new goal will be to extend my writing instead of one or two paragraphs because if my writing is really good some people like my mom or brother and dad would ask my to make it a sequel or longer,something like that.

The goal I think I really think I need to improve on is math. I think that if I get more focused in the lesson then my home work will make sense. Once my home work makes sense math in class will make sense.

So I already know that I will need to improve math to really get good grades in 6th grade. Then there is the reading, I will need to read because I want to not because I have to. Then writing needs to be interesting and getting to the point quickly.

2. For each of reading, writing and math comment on the following;
- what have been some real successes, remember to use specific examples.
- what have been some challenges this year, remember to use specific examples
- how have you overcome your challenges
At the beginning of the year we had to write a fiction story and I wrote one that was really good. I got three 4 and two 5. In reading I got so curious about what was going to happen next that I ended up starting from page one all the way to page 205, which is the end of the book. Lastly for math, there was this one math problem that my parents and I spent all night trying to figure out until like 12:00. I was thinking about so hard about that in the morning I solved it and when it was turned in, it was correct and I did all on my own.

Math has been the most challenging this year, even though I have had some good days with it and some bad days. I would say the hardest thing in math this year would probably be the study links in my homework packet. I end up doing it all but then when my dad goes over it most of it is wrong. I really need to try harder to not rush through homework.

I have overcome the hard math by asking for help from mom or dad and even the teacher. So if this keeps up then I will be a much smarter mathematician.

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