Specaials Learning Blog

Specials Learning Blog
1. Chinese Studies
In Chinese studies has defiantly improved sense last year. Although I will be doing Spanish in sixth grade I will keep trying my hardest in all test till the end of the year. Last year I came in, in the middle of the year so I wasn't really with the group because I could not really read the characters and pronounce them correctly. Now I am doing well. I think that I was falling behind on getting my Chinese homework done, and now I am doing better.
2. Art
I am doing pretty good in art with understanding what needs to be happening with the drawing or project that we would be working on. For example, we just finished the G.A.P -Grate Ape Portraits, we had a picture of an ape from the Jane Goodall institute. We had to draw the picture of the ape and get in all the light reflections and the dark shades and light shades. When I thought that I was done I still had to put in some light reflections and when I finished I got a " Beautiful artwork," from the art teacher.
3. Music
I would say that I am doing good in music because I am in band I now rhythms and how to read the notes for the songs we play on the xylophone. There is also a website on the computers for music called Music Ace that helps us learn to get all the hard things down so we can really get good at playing music. We not only learn songs to play, but also learn songs to sing. I think my singing voice has really improved because of the way I sing along to the songs on my iPod.
4. P.E.
I am a very athletic child because I started learning to play baseball when I was two years old and now I am involved with basketball, baseball, hockey and lacrosse. My favorite unit we have done so far in P.E is Project Adventure. It is were we were split into groups and we had to come up with a plan to complete the course. It got us involved in teamwork and so on. In each unit we do it helps the kids that don't and do play sports and are not to active improve there skills in either all the gymnastics units or any of the sports units.
5. Counseling
Counseling has helped me with my cooperation skills. I think that I have been getting along with more kids now because of these lessons and that I know more people now that I have lived hear for a little over a year.

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