What I liked about Factor Captor. I like Factor Captor because it helps me learn all or most of the factors of numbers that I don't know the factors of. I think the game also helps with my multiplication facts. Another thing I liked about the game was that it not only helps with my multiplication, it also helps with adding high numbers to get the score of the game.
Explain how making an array might help someone find factors of a number. To make an array you have to know how many rows and columns you are going to have. By that you have to put what you have drawn into a number sentence, like say you have six dots in a row and seven dots in a column then you do 6x7=42. Then you have to go back to your array and count all the dots to see if they add up to 42.
Look back at journal pages 2-28. What activity did you like the most and what did you learn. My favorite activity is on page 16 it is called Prime and Composite Numbers. There was a list of numbers and we had to put a P next to the numbers that were Prime and put a C next to the numbers that were Composite. I learned what a prime number was and what a composite number was.

Writing Rocks, Math not so much

Writing:I love to write stories about about anything. I feel that in writing you can express your feelings in a way that no one knows. I learn more about writing by reading other writings that are good ,like a book or a friends writing. When I write I have to write a scratch writing first then have some one edit the writing,then I can look it over myself. After I have all my spelling correct, my capitalization is correct, my punctuation is good and all that other stuff is done I write, and write, and write.
Math: Math is not my best subject in school, but if I have someone helping and taking me through the steps of a math problem I could probably get it done in ten minutes. I only need help when I am struggling with something. I find math a little complicated to learn with background noises. I would say my best subject in math is multiplication and dividing. And like I said math just is not me best subject so I find it hard to learn it fast. It takes time for me to really understand something in math.