Writing Self Assessment

1. What do I notice about myself as a writer as I read through my work? As I read through my work I like to make sure I don't have so many errors in my writing. I also check to see if I have used "I" to much or if I just have the same word to many times in a sentence. Some times after I have checked over my writing a few times I like someone else to check it too. I do lots of writing not just for the writing but also to get better at the editing process.

2. How have I changed as a writer so far?
I think that I have changed in many ways because now I know how to use better word choice and to look back at the writing and make any changes if I need to. I now also know how to make sure I stay on the same subject in the story or piece of writing. One thing that I still need work on is the punctuation that I have not learned how to use yet.

3. What are three things I do well as a writer? I revise my work to the point were there are no mistakes. I don't use the same word over and over again unless I have to. And I always make sure my writing explains everything I needed to say.

4. What are some things I want to get stronger at as a writer? Using the punctuation that I have not learned yet. And letting the reader feel as if they were in the writing theme self.

5. What is my favorite piece, and what are the things I love about it?
I love writing about either the first thing that comes into my mind or about something that I have experienced in the past. I love it because I like sharing my life.

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