Writing Rocks, Math not so much

Writing:I love to write stories about about anything. I feel that in writing you can express your feelings in a way that no one knows. I learn more about writing by reading other writings that are good ,like a book or a friends writing. When I write I have to write a scratch writing first then have some one edit the writing,then I can look it over myself. After I have all my spelling correct, my capitalization is correct, my punctuation is good and all that other stuff is done I write, and write, and write.
Math: Math is not my best subject in school, but if I have someone helping and taking me through the steps of a math problem I could probably get it done in ten minutes. I only need help when I am struggling with something. I find math a little complicated to learn with background noises. I would say my best subject in math is multiplication and dividing. And like I said math just is not me best subject so I find it hard to learn it fast. It takes time for me to really understand something in math.

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